Pump Drive F600

Simple, reliable flow control

Applications involving the flow of water demand extreme reliability and low energy consumption. Control Techniques’ F600 drive, part of the newly introduced Specialist series of industry-specific drive technologies, builds on our company’s five decades of drives expertise, delivering precise, dependable flow control.


    The perfect mix of application-specific features developed into a single solution  

    Speaks your language

    The F600 drive is tuned to suit your every need, optimised for minimal setup time yet sacrificing none of the flexibility. Whatever the challenge, our dedicated approach to clear parameter naming and structuring ensures we not only have the answers, but in a format you’ll understand.

    Energy savings, unlocking the potential

    On average, 85% of a pump’s life-cycle cost is attributed to its energy consumption, therefore, optimising the energy usage can mean a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership. The F600 drive thrives on delivering more efficient ways of operating your variable torque application. You’ll see the benefits in reduced running costs and lower energy requirements.

    Total control

    The F600 can also control the most efficient motors available, meeting IE5 efficiency levels, such as the Nidec Leroy Somer Dyneo+ hybrid permanent-magnet motor. With all of this combined, the F600 is your best choice to save you money every day.

    Engineered for your application

    The F600 Pump Drive offers a host of dedicated features including dry-run prevention, pipe fill, pump cleaning, over-cycling protection and level switch control. A range of different control modes covering single pumps and also different parallel pump configurations make Control Techniques’ F600 a truly versatile solution.

    Free 5 year warranty

    To share our confidence in the reliability of Control Techniques, drives in the F600 range are eligible for Control Techniques’ extended warranty, at no extra cost.
    It is a testament to our exceptional track record for reliability, giving you total peace of mind that your investment is protected and your site will continue to run uninterrupted.
    Warranty terms and conditions apply.


    Unmatched total cost of ownership

    With innovative protective features and extended equipment life

    The F600 has comprehensive pump and motor protection features which minimise unplanned downtime, improving overall effectiveness and guaranteeing better value for money. Bring true resilience to your application and easily ride-through component failures.

    Automatic Error Recovery

    In the unlikely event of detecting an error with your pump, the F600 has the ability to dynamically recover and resume normal operation.

    Limit Protection

    If the feedback exceeds the limits defined for your application, the F600 has the ability to raise an alarm or stop the drive to protect your equipment and preserve its lifetime.

    Transducer Loss Protection

    In the event of losing connection to the transducer, the F600 can stop, continue to run at a fixed speed or ignore the fault depending on the application requirements.

    Fire mode

    Fire mode allows the drive to disable all trips and to continue to run uninterrupted during emergency events if the application requires.

    Save on energy through a wide range of energy features

    The F600 is 98% efficient, meaning very little energy is lost in power conversion.

    Even more, the real savings potential gets unlocked by the F600’s built-in features that can further reduce energy consumption:

    Low load savings 

    The F600 helps maximise energy savings when demand is low. Activing Control Techniques’ leading-edge Low Load Power Saving function, the drive dynamically reduces the voltage applied to reduce losses in the motor and make the system more efficient.

    Sleep mode

    When demand falls below a specified set-point the drive will automatically enter sleep mode and restart itself once demand rises above the set-point. Not only does this greatly reduce the amount of energy consumed, it also saves on equipment wear to preserve its lifetime.


    The F600 features optimised control for your flow applications

    Pipe fill

    Prevent spikes in pressure at start-up using a controlled ramp, to protect your piping system and the pump itself.

    Dry-run prevention

    Prevent the pump running dry by checking the load against a threshold; with flexible configurations to dynamically adjust output, set an alarm or stop the drive.

    Over-cycling protection

    Optimise drive, motor and pump sizing, and regulate pump wear by limiting the number of start-stops per hour. Flexible configurations allow to dynamically alter cycling reference limits, set an alarm or stop the drive when a limit is reached.

    No-flow detection

    Where there is no-flow or low-flow, the F600 drive can automatically enter sleep mode to save energy, based on the feedback of a pulsed flow transducer, or triggered by a flow switch, or detected by the software alone.


    Live, continuous monitoring of the system is used to trigger an automatic drive-based cleansing cycle to clear the pump impeller and help avoid maintenance costs on cleaning pump blockages.

    Level switch control

    Level switches provide critical protection for tanks in the event of the level reaching a “high” switch, whereby the pump is stopped, or a “low” switch, whereby the pump is started, to ensure pumping within tank levels.

    Pump Control Modes | Flexible support for every system

    Single pump

    Control Techniques’ Single Pump mode is an effective and versatile variable speed control solution for maintaining a constant set-point in a single pump configuration.

    • Fire mode allows the drive to disable all trips and to continue to run uninterrupted during emergency events if the application requires


    Cascade mode allows the F600 to operate with up to 4 assist pumps to aid the primary pump when required.

    • Energy usage is optimised whereby the assist pumps are only enabled when demand reaches sufficient levels.
    • Assist pumps are used alternately to apply uniform wear and increase pump availability.
    • Over-cycling protection for assist pumps to control the number of starts and stops per hour.


    Complete control of your application with up to 3 x F600 drives and maximum energy savings with these variable frequency drives running parallel.

    • The Multi-leader drive configuration provides redundancy and removes the need for a PLC
    • The “lead” drive is automatically cycled to apply uniform wear
    • If the “lead” drive loses its transducer, it can access the transducer feedback from another F600 in the system over Ethernet
    • Dynamic re-selection of “lead” pump if a pump is taken out of service or develops a fault

    Free Standing Drive Range

    Ready to use pre-engineered high power drives


    Highly efficient pre-engineered motor control system

    Control Techniques’ Free Standing Drive optimises motor energy efficiency and comes ready to use, pre-assembled in its own industry-standard cabinet with all necessary system components included. The Pump Drive F600’s Free Standing Drive variant complements and extends the product range, while having all of the core product’s capabilities and features.

    Light weight, but no light weight!

    The F600 is also available with Control Techniques’ largest frame, which not only offers 500 kW of power in a single module, but at 130 kg is up to 60 kg lighter than competitor drives. Its small footprint and pre-engineered accessories make it easy to install or retrofit in industry-standard cubicles.

    No extra engineering required

    The Free Standing Drive fits a small footprint, and it’s easy to integrate with common cubicles, including as standard: load switch, fuses, fan, line and sharing chokes and cabling. The cabinet can also come with a doormounted HMI with Real-Time Clock, for easy set-up and maintenance.

    Thanks to the dedicated online configurator, getting a quote and ordering is as simple as can be. Even more, we can ship your Free Standing Drive to you at very short lead times, saving weeks on typical industry standards.


    Pump Drive F600 ratings guide
    200/240 Vac ±10%
    Drive Normal Duty
    current (A)

    Motor shaft
    power (kW)

    Motor shaft
    power (hp) 
    F600-03200066A10 6.6 1.1 1.5
    F600-03200080A10 8 1.5 2
    F600-03200110A10 11 2.2 3
    F600-03200127A10 12.7 3 3
    F600-04200180A10 18 4 5
    F600-04200250A10 25 5.5 7.5
    F600-05200300A10 30 7.5 10
    F600-06200500A10 50 11 15
    F600-06200580A10 58 15 20
    F600-07200750A10 75 18.5 25
    F600-07200940A10 94 22 30
    F600-07201170A10 117 30 40
    F600-08201490A10 149 37 50
    F600-08201800A10 180 45 60
    F600-09202160A10 216 55 75
    F600-09202660A10 266 75 100
    F600-09202160E10 216 55 75
    F600-09202660E10 266 75 100
    F600-10203250E10 325 90 125
    F600-10203600E10 360 110 150


    380/480 Vac ±10%
    Drive Normal Duty
    current (A)
    Motor shaft
    power (kW)
    Motor shaft
    power (hp)
    F600-03400034A10 3.4 1.1 1.5
    F600-03400045A10 4.5 1.5 2
    F600-03400062A10 6.2 2.2 3
    F600-03400077A10 7.7 3 5
    F600-03400104A10 10.4 4 5
    F600-03400123A10 12.3 5.5  7.5
    F600-04400185A10 18.5 7.5 10
    F600-04400240A10 24 11 15
    F600-05400300A10  30 15 20
    F600-06400380A10 38 18.5 25
    F600-06400480A10 48 22 30
    F600-06400630A10 63 30 40
    F600-07400790A10 79 37 50
    F600-07400940A10 94 45 60
    F600-07401120A10 112 55  75
    F600-08401550A10 155 75 100
    F600-08401840A10 184 90 125
    F600-09402210A10 221 110 150
    F600-09402660A10  266 132 200
    F600-09402210E10 221 110 150
    F600-09402660E10 266 132 200
    F600-10403200E10 320 160 250
    F600-10403610E10 361 200 300
    F600-11404370E10 437 225 350
    F600-11404870E10 487 250 400
    F600-11405070E10 507 280 450


    380/480 Vac ±10%
    Drive Normal Duty
    current (A)
    Motor shaft
    power (kW) 
    Motor shaft
    power (hp)
    F600-12404800TU0 608 315 500
    F600-12405660TU0 660 355 550
    F600-12406600TU0 755 400 650
    F600-12407200TU0 865 500 700


    500/575 Vac ±10%
    Drive Normal Duty
    current (A)
    Motor shaft
    power (kW)
    Motor shaft
    power (hp)
    F600-05500039A10 3.9 2.2 3
    F600-05500061A10 6.1 4 5
    F600-05500100A10 10 5.5 7.5
    F600-06500120A10 12 7.5 10
    F600-06500170A10 17 11 15
    F600-06500220A10 22 15 20
    F600-06500270A10 27 18.5 25
    F600-06500340A10 34 22 30
    F600-06500430A10 43 30 40
    F600-07500530A10 53 37 50
    F600-07500730A10 73 45 60
    F600-08500860A10 86 55 75
    F600-08501080A10 108 75 100
    F600-09501250A10 125 90 125
    F600-09501550A10 155 110 150
    F600-09501250E10 125 90 125
    F600-09501500E10 150 110 150
    F600-10502000E10 200 130 200
    F600-11502480E10 248 175 250
    F600-11502880E10 288 225 300
    F600-11503150E10 315 250 350


    500/690 Vac ±10%
    Drive Normal Duty
    current (A)
    Motor shaft
    power (kW)
    Motor shaft
    power (hp)
    F600-07600230A10 23 18.5 25
    F600-07600300A10 30 22 30
    F600-07600360A10 36 30 40
    F600-07600460A10 46 37 50
    F600-07600520A10 52 45 60
    F600-07600730A10 73 55 75
    F600-08600860A10 86 75 100
    F600-08601080A10 108  90 125
    F600-09601250A10 125 110 150
    F600-09601500A10 150 132 175
    F600-09601250E10 125 110  150
    F600-09601550E10 155 132 175
    F600-10601720E10 172 160 200
    F600-10601970E10 197 185 250
    F600-11602250E10 225 200 250
    F600-11602750E10 275 250 300
    F600-11603050E10  305 280 400


    Normal duty operation only

    Suitable for pump applications, with a current overload requirement of 110% for 60 s*.

    • IP20 / NEMA1 / UL TYPE 1 *UL open class as standard, additional kit needed to achieve Type 1
    • IP65 / NEMA4 / UL TYPE 12 rating is achieved on the rear of the drive when through panel mounted
    • *Frame size 9D, 9E, 10D and 10E achieve IP55 / NEMA 4 / UL Type 12
    • Ambient temperature -20 °C to 40 °C (-4 °F to 104 °F) as standard. Up to 55 °C (131 °F) with derating
    • Humidity 95 % maximum (non-condensing) at 40 °C (104 °F)
    • Altitude: 0 to 3000 m (9900 ft), derate 1 % per 100 m (330 ft) between 1000 m (3300 ft) and 3000 m (9900 ft)
    • Random Vibration Tested in accordance with IEC 60068-2-64
    • Bump Tested in accordance with IEC 60068-2-29
    • Sinusoidal Vibration Tested in accordance with IEC 60068-2-6
    • Mechanical Shock Tested in accordance with IEC 60068-2-29
    • Storage temperature -40 °C to 55 °C (-40 °F to 131 °F) or up to 70 °C (158 °F) for short-term storage
    • Electromagnetic Immunity complies with EN 61800-3 and EN 61000-6-2
    • With onboard EMC filter, emissions comply with EN 61800-3 (category C3)
    • EN 61000-6-3 and EN 61000-6-4 with optional footprint EMC filter
    • IEC 60146-1-1 Supply conditions (category C1 or C2 depending on rating)
    • IEC 61800-5-1 (Electrical Safety)
    • IEC 61131-2 I/O
    • EN 61000-3-12 with optional line reactor
    • UL 508C (Electrical Safety)


    Frame size Dimensions    Weight
      mm (HxWxD) in (HxWxD) kg (lb)
    3 382 x 83 x 200 15.0 x 3.3 x 7.9 4.5 (9.9)
    4 391 x 124 x 200 15.4 x 4.9 x 7.9 6.5 (14.3)
    5 391 x 143 x 200 15.4 x 5.6 x 7.6 7.4 (16.3)
    6 391 x 210 x 227 15.4 x 8.3 x 8.9 14 (30.9)
    7 557 x 270 x 280 21.9 x 10.6 x 11.0 28 (61.7)
    8 803 x 310 x 290 31.6 x 12.2 x 11.4 50 (110.2)
    9A 1108 x 310 x 290 43.6 x 12.2 x 11.4 66.5 (146.6)
    9E/10E 1069 x 310 x 290 42.1 x 12.2 x 11.4 46 (101.4)

    355 x 310 x 290
    773 x 310 x 290

    15.8 x 12.2 x 11.4
    30.4 x 12.2 x 11.4
    11E 1242 x 310 x 312 48.9 x 12.2 x 12.3 63 (138.9)
    12T 1750 x 295 x 526 68.9 x 11.6 x 20.7 130 (287)


    *For more detailed information please see technical documents.



    KI-HOA Keypad RTC (Supplied as standard*)
    The KI-HOA Keypad RTC provides Hand-Off-Auto control. The display presents up to four lines of real text with multilanguage translation, enhancing clarity and increasing ease of use. A battery operated real-time clock allows scheduling of run and off periods and adds accurate time stamping to diagnostics to aid rapid fault resolution.
    Remote HOA Keypad RTC
    Remote mountable keypad, allowing flexible mounting on the outside of a panel (meets IP54/NEMA 12). The keypad offers Hand-Off-Auto control and can present up to four lines of real text with multi language translation, enhancing clarity and increasing ease of use. Battery operated real-time clock allows scheduling of run and off periods and adds accurate time stamping to logged events, aiding diagnostics.

    KI-485 Adaptor
    This adaptor can be fit in place of the drive keypad and provides additional ports to communicate via RS485. The adaptor is commonly used for programming the drive.

    System Integration Modules – Communications

    Connects Unidrive, Commander, Digitax and the Pump Drive families to all POWERLINK networks. SI-POWERLINK serves applications ranging from simple open-loop systems through to those demanding precise motion control. The protocol is based upon standard Ethernet and provides a solution for real-time Industrial Ethernet to satisfy the requirements of industrial automation and process control.
    External Ethernet module that supports EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP and has an integrated web server that can generate emails. The module can be used to provide high speed drive access, global connectivity and integration with IT network technologies, such as wireless networking. To use multiple F600 drives in Multi-leader mode in a parallel pump system, each F600 drive must have an SI-Ethernet module fitted.
    SI-EtherCAT allows F600 to connect and interface with EtherCAT networks.
    SI-PROFINET allows F600 to communicate and interface with PROFINET PLCs and networks.

    PROFIBUS interface module PROFIBUS-DP (Decentralized Peripheral) interface module enables follower connectivity. It is possible to use more than one SI-PROFIBUS or a combination of SI-PROFIBUS and other option modules to add additional functionality such as extended I/O, gateway functionality, or additional PLC features.

    DeviceNet networking system interface module enables follower connectivity. It is possible to use more than one SIDeviceNet or a combination of SI-DeviceNet and other option modules to provide additional functionality such as extended I/O, gateway functionality, or additional PLC features.

    CANopen interface module supporting various profiles, including several drive profiles.
    Second processor, providing advanced customisation using standard IEC61131-3 programming languages.

    Additional I/O and NV media cards

    Extended I/O interface module to increase the number of I/O points on a drive. Provides additional: 4 x Digital I/O, 3 x Analog inputs (default)/Digital inputs, 1 x Analog output (default)/Digital input, 2 x Relays.

    SmartCard Smartcard
    The optional Smartcard memory device can be used to back-up parameter sets, as well as copying them from one drive to another
      SD Card Adaptor
    Conversion device that allows an SD card to be inserted into the Smartcard slot, for parameter cloning and application programs


    *For higher cost efficiency,F600 can be supplied without a keypad.
    Please specify your preference when ordering.


    ntuitive commissioning software
    Connect software 

    Connect – Commissioning tool

    Based on Control Techniques’ 25 years’ experience, Connect is our latest drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimizing and monitoring drive/system performance.


    Diagnostics Tool
    Diagnostic tool app download 

    Diagnostic Tool

    Diagnostic Tool is a fast and simple tool, which allows users of Control Techniques’ drives to quickly solve any error codes that the drive may show.





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    Pump Drive F600 – User Guide 1 pdf 42 MB EN


    Title Issue File
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    Pump Drive F600 (Frame sizes 3-11) – Step By Step Guide 3 pdf 10 MB EN


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    SI-POWERLINK User Guide 1 pdf 4.45 MB EN


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    Connect Drive Commissioning Software zip 215 MB EN


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    Pump Drive F600 – Parameter Reference Guide zip 7 MB EN


    Title Issue File
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    Pump Drive F600 – Firmware zip 512 KB EN


    Title Issue File
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    Dynamic Braking Resistor Data Sheet 1 pdf 333 KB EN


    Title Issue File
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    Declaration of Conformity under the Machinery Directive – Unidrive M 1 pdf 20 KB EN